Friday fellowship is a group of people of mature age who meet on the third Friday of the month. The meetings take place from the third Friday of September until the following May in our Church, at Ballymena Road, Ballymoney. The meeting begins at 2:30pm with a cup of tea and scone, some fellowship, and an invited speaker will address the group and the usual finishing time is around 3:30pm.

During December a subsidised Christmas dinner is arranged at a local hotel, and an outing is arranged each May to a place of interest and stopping somewhere for lunch. This group have been having meetings for over ten years years and enjoy each others company.

We welcome you to come along and enjoy an afternoon of fellowship. If you need a lift, please contact us. Contacts are Jack and Victor and you may contact us at 02827665256.




                                    Visit to Springhill House, Moneymore.

                      pict0742                      One of the Gardens at Springhill House,