The men’s Book Club is one of the newest and most exciting ministries here at Ballymoney Baptist. We believe passionately in the wisdom of Proverbs 27v17 that ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.’ And so, as a group, we seek to encourage, challenge and sharpen each other spiritually through reading good Christian literature.

Currently, we are working our way through our third book called 'Knowing God' by JI Packer. We meet together on the second Saturday morning of each month (9am – 10.30am) at the church discuss the chapter we’ve read, talk through the implications for our lives, and conclude with prayer. But before we go home, we always make time to enjoy a round of freshly cooked hotdogs, and a cup of tea!

So if the idea of reading great Christian books together with a group of likeminded Christian men appeals to you, why not join us and make the Book Club experience even better! We welcome Christian men of all ages and from all church backgrounds. Simply email or phone us for details of our next book club get-together.

Here’s what our latest member thinks:

“I was a latecomer to the Book Club. The first 8 chapters had been covered before I plucked up the courage to attend. It's simply an informal chat about the chapter we are looking at that month and a chance to discuss or listen to what others' experiences are. It's great to leave the book club after being challenged, encouraged and fed!”
(Ivor Wallace)