You will find on this page many of our sermon recordings from recent years. These online sermons are no substitute to listening to preaching in gathered worship. However we hope they will be of help to people who cannot attend, or who would benefit from listening to a sermon again.

The sermon series are listed first, followed by some miscellaneous sermons. Most of the sermons are preached by our pastor Colin Adams. If you would like a cd of a sermon to give to somebody, please contact our deacon Nigel.











2 Corinthians

The God Centered Family (topical series)



Moses - Summer Bible Studies

Six Steps to Talking about Jesus

Sunday School Service 2014


The One Anothers  



Download Name Play Size Length
download Christian Priority
Tom McKendry

14 MB 40:46 min
download God in the whirlwind
Mark Johnston

13.5 MB 39:23 min
download God is Gracious
Gary Ellison

11.4 MB 33:12 min
download God is Powerful
Gary Ellison

11.5 MB 33:22 min
download God makes things grow
Trevor Brock

15.5 MB 45:06 min
download Gods recipe for contentment
Moore Casement

12.4 MB 36:11 min
download Jesus is Coming Again. Now What

18.7 MB 54:26 min
download No Other Foundation
Trevor Brock

14.5 MB 42:15 min
download Paul's commisioning
Mervyn Scott

10.6 MB 30:58 min
download Sunday School Service Sermon
Andy Dalrymple

9.4 MB 27:23 min
download The Church in Ephesus
Mike Gilbart-Smith

18.6 MB 54:07 min
download The Church in Smyrna
Mike Gilbart-Smith

14.2 MB 41:24 min
download The God to whom we must answer
Mark Johnston

13.3 MB 38:45 min
download The Good Shepherd - 20.07.2014
Mark Johnston

13.3 MB 38:49 min
download The Philippian Jailer
Ivor Wallace

6.4 MB 18:44 min

Download Name Play Size Length
download 01. An Encouraging Start

12.2 MB 42:35 min
download 01. Six Steps to talking about
Colin Adams

8.9 MB 31:07 min
download A song of forgiveness
Billy Houston

9.2 MB 40:14 min
download Evangelism
Andrew Reid

3.4 MB 12:03 min
download Asia Link - Missionary Sunday
Gordon Sttewart

9.5 MB 41:41 min
download Becoming what you are, in Christ
Derek Boyd

10.4 MB 45:22 min
download Childrens Talk - Who will you
Scott McCloskey

5.2 MB 22:47 min
download We do not stand alone
Victor Kennedy

10.3 MB 36:10 min
download Daniel Ch1 - We do not stand alone
Victor Kennedy

10.4 MB 36:10 min
download Daniel Ch 6 - Daniel in the lions den
Victor Kennedy

9.4 MB 33:00 min
download Defeat or Victory
Paul Smpson

9.2 MB 40:08 min
download Doing Church - The Authorised Version
Stephen Atkinson

7.4 MB min
download Fellowship With God Through Christ Part 1- 06.01.2013
Bertie Johnston

10.4 MB 45:21 min
download Fellowship With God Through Christ Part 2 - 06.01.2013
Bertie Johnston

11.5 MB 50:17 min
download For God So Loved The World
Ivor Wallace

6.7 MB 29:21 min
download God Made Me, God Searches Me
Colin Adams

13.9 MB 40:28 min
download He Saved Us - 14.07.2013
Ivor Wallace

8.4 MB 29:25 min
download He always lives to intercede
Bertie Johnston

14.2 MB 49:40 min
download Hope In God

9.5 MB 41:26 min
download How Much Is Jesus Worth?
Phil Dunn

9.1 MB 39:49 min
download Imitating Christs Humility
Mark Johnston

11 MB 38:35 min
download Isaiah 12
Rogerio Ramos

44.5 MB 48:38 min
download Isaiah's Comission
Joe Flanagan

11.1 MB 38:52 min
download It Was Fitting - 14.07.2013
Derek Boyd

10.2 MB 35:46 min
download Jesus Anointed
Paul Simpson

6.4 MB 27:50 min
download Jesus: He's Not For Good People
Colin Adams

7 MB 30:40 min
download Joyful In Hope, Patient In Aff
Colin Adams

9.4 MB 33:02 min
download Kingdom of Hope
Philip Adams

13 MB 45:26 min
download Known by God
Colin Adams

9.4 MB 27:24 min
download La Rochelle
Mark Nelson

15.3 MB 44:40 min
download Learning God's Purpose In Our Struggles
Geoff Bunting

9.6 MB 41:49 min
download Life through the Son - 04.08.2013
Bertie Johnston

14 MB 48:46 min
download Living According to God's Will - 30.09.2012
Paul Simpson

8.4 MB 36:47 min
download Living Water
Richard McCord

10.8 MB 31:28 min
download Love Your Enemies
Colin Adams

11.3 MB 39:37 min
download Mind The Gap
Richard McCord

10.7 MB 31:02 min
download Mission
Jonathan Brown

3.8 MB 16:26 min
download Nehemiah's Prayer
Tom McKendry

6.4 MB 28:06 min
download Not Ashamed - 20.10.2013
Colin Adams

7 MB 24:36 min
download Not ashamed of the gospel
Moore Casement

8.2 MB 35:58 min