The bookshelves of Western Christians literally bulge with bibles. New translations continue to proliferate, study helps abound, and the internet has brought a wealth of resources to our fingertips. Yet according to a 2008 survey, only 38% of British evangelicals read their bible daily.

We want to improve this alarming statistic. You will find below some reading plans and bible reading notes that can help assist you with your daily readings.



Stephen Wittmer's two year plan - A slower plan covering the whole bible in two years.

Shirkers and Slacker's plan - A numberless plan with week days on it. Discipline and grace in one plan!

Chronological one year plan - Sets the bible in a rough chronological order.

Discipleship Journal reading plan - Whole bible in one year (five free days at the end of each month).

McCheyne reading plan - Demanding plan. Old Testament once; NT and Psalms twice every year.



Explore notes (adult)

Pilgrim Bible notes (adult)

Engage (teenagers)

Discover (11-13)

XTB (7-10)

Beginning with God (pre-school)

Tabletalk (family devotions)