In two recent messages, our pastor shared six steps to talking about Jesus. Listen again to the first and second sermons. The six steps can be found below, and a brief summary of each.

1. Love - Love is the driving force for all evangelism. The love of Christ compels us to share the gospel.

2. Understand - If we are going to explain the gospel, we must first understand it clearly. Simple gospels outlines can be memorised, including "God, man, Christ, response", the 'Four R's' based on Ephesians 2:1-10 (rebellion, rescue, resurrection and response) and the Roman Road (Rom 3:23, Rom 6:23, Rom 5:18, Rom 10:9, Rom 5:1).

3. Pray - Prayer and evangelism go together like hand in glove. We should pray to be bold witnesses, intercede for gospel preachers, and pray directly for the lost.

4. Connect - Jesus prayed that his followers would be in the world but not of the world (John 17).  In our contact with the world, we must neither become hermits on the one hand, or worldly on the other.

5. Invite - Christians with an evangelistic mindset are in the habit of inviting unbelievers to hear about Jesus. Andrew (in John 1) and the Samaritan woman (in John 4) are examples of this. We invite non-Christians into our homes, into our lives, into our gatherings.

6. Talk - Every believer has a responsibility to give an answer for the hope they have. Ordinary believers in Acts 8 spread the word of God wherever they went. Our habit must be to wait for gospel opportunities, to steer people towards the central truths of the gospel, and to share (where appropriate) our testimony, as Paul did in Acts 26 before King Agrippa.
















Life 4 You radio is back on the airways from Friday 3rd to the 5th of May, 2013.



On Saturday the 23rd of March 2013, Ballymoney Baptist Church is sending out a team of eight people to visit the Evangelical Church of Sines, Portugal.