This looks like an exciting new conference for the ladies. The first Irish Women's Convention. The details are....

During last evening's AGM we highlighted our vision to be a disciple making church to the glory of God. 

On the back of our leaflet were these prayer points:

Pray with us:

  •       that Ballymoney Baptist would be focused on its disciple-making mission;
  •       that every member will keep growing spiritually as a disciple of Jesus Christ;
  •       that church ministries: to evangelise with courage and teach with patience;
  •       for good ideas as we plan an evangelistic calendar of outreach;
  •       for the possibility of strengthening the church’s links with one specific mission situation;
  •       for improved discipling of younger Christians, so that God might raise up another generation of leaders.

Praying with you,

Pastor Colin

Every year some of the men in our church take us through a series of summer expositions. In past years we've looked at the Beatitudes, the 10 Commandments, and studied various books of the New Testament. 

This year we are doing a study on Respectable Sins. This is based on the excellent book by Jerry Bridges, which is subtitled "Confronting the sins we tolerate." 

This books asks the question, "Have Christians become so preoccupied with 'major' sins that we have lost sight of our need to deal with more subtle sins?" This is what our series will explore.

What about those subtle sins like pride, discontentment, envy, selfishness and judgementalism?


A few resources that might help you make more of this series.

1. The book -  Its not necessary to purchase the book for our sermon series. But you might want to purchase Jerry Bridges' book as supplementary reading. You can buy it here. 

2. Reviews - To get a feel for what the book is about, read Tim Challies review and this overview.

3. Interview -  You can hear a long interview with Jerry Bridges about the book "Respectable Sins." (It begins at 3:17)



All Wednesday Evenings at 8pm:

13 June – Ungodliness        

20 June – Anxiety

(27 June - Life 4 Kids)

4 July - Discontentment

11 July - Pride

18 July - Selfishness

25 July - Impatience

1 Aug - Anger

8 Aug - Judgementalism

15 Aug – Envy                     

22 Aug - Sins of tongue     

29 Aug –Worldliness