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Last Sunday we talked a lot about marriage (listen to the sermon: "Unfaithful" - Malachi 2:10-16). We learned in Malachi about men who were treating marriage with contempt. By contrast, the video below shows an example of covenant keeping love that is truly remarkable.

Thursday 10 May was our final night of Walk 4 Life. For 4 weeks between 60 and 70 women have met at   the church, separated into 3 groups and headed off on various walks of different lengths and speeds to cater for all abilities.

Having built up a good appetite from walking and talking, it was back to the church for supper. This started off on the first night with a very healthy fresh fruit salad but by week 4 had digressed to cakes and puddings with loads of cream!! More energy was obviously needed!

After a bit of humour  from Nicki, four of the ladies from the church shared their testimonies of what God has done and continues to do in their lives. A clear gospel message was portrayed by them all.


God blessed us immensely. He provided us with dry weather, safety, friendly women from the community and most importantly with His presence each week. We were greatly encouraged to throw open the church doors for 4 Thursday nights and watch how God brought so many women into the building, creating a real buzz.

Walk 4 Life may be over but ladies in the church will continue walking every Thursday night at 7pm, meeting at the church. There is a warm welcome to all women whether you come to the church or not, we’d love you to come along and join us. 






 Ballymoney Baptist is part of an association of more than 100 Baptist churches in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Every year, the Association has a series of "May Meetings", which are an opportunity for Christians within these churches to meet together for teaching and encouragement.

It is always worth trying to get along to at least one of these meetings. Take a look at some of the events - there may be something that catches your eye:


  • May 12th Youth Night, Moira Baptist, ay 7.30 p.m.
  • May 14th Women’s Night, Lisburn Baptist, ay 7.30 p.m,.
  • May 15th Historical Society, Lisburn Baptist at 5.45 p.m. on the history of Grange Baptist Church (refreshments 4.45 p.m.)
  • May 15th Missions Night, Lisburn Baptist at 7.30 p.m.

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