"Words of Encouragement"

Sermon 1 - "An Encouraging Start" (Acts 17 v 1-10)

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On Sunday the 19th of January 2014, we are starting a new series of studies on 1 Thessalonians. Here is a bit of information about it.

1 Thessalonians was one of the first New Testament letters to be composed. It was written by the Apostle Paul to a young church in modern day Turkey: a fledgling group of believers who had been saved through the gospel Paul preached.

The Apostle, however, had to leave Thessalonica in a hurry. Much to his concern he was forced to leave behind this new band of believers in all their spiritual youth. Anxious about how they were doing spiritually, Paul dispatched Timothy to visit the church and bring back an update. Timothy returned to Paul with an encouraging report that, despite a few difficulties, the believers were going on with the Lord.

Paul then wrote this warm letter in a spirit of joy and thanksgiving. He rejoiced that the Thessalonians were exhibiting the faith, hope and love that are marks of a genuine church. The Apostle taught them further on matters like sexual ethics and the return of Christ.

This letter contains Paul's words of encouragement to the Thessalonian church. They remain an encouragement today to every believer who takes time to read them.

I hope you will take time to read the letter through several times, and to attend the series.

Serving you,